PS3.ProxyServer 1.0

Use the PC as a proxy for PS3 consoles
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Redirects all the Internet traffic to and from your PlayStation 3 console through your computer. Gives access to the PlayStation Store directly by bypassing the firmware check.

The Ps3 ProxyServer is a free program from chinese developer CF3B5 that allows your computer to become a server that handles traffic to your Ps3, it is very easy to use, one needs only to follow these steps:

1. Download the application
2. You install the program on C:\
3. Start it and set the program by entering the IP address of your computer, eg
4. In Port - on "8080".
5. Activate Ps3 Mode "and click on "Start ".
6. In your Ps3 use the wizard to connect to the internet and re-configure your network type using proxy Activate.
7. Re-enter your computer's IP and port on your Ps3: eg
8. Accept the changes and now everything is ready!

If woul be perfect if you set DHCP to "off", so you never change the IP.

It allows to use a PC as a bridge, skip the check-in PS3 firmware and thus access to the PS Store and play online without updating the firm. During usage I had no issues, it ran smoothly, however users have reported random lockups (but it could be caused by their PCs).

If you know what is a proxy and want an easy way to transfer files between your pc and ps3, PS3 Proxy Server is worth a try.

Oscar Upegui
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  • Still in development, still has some bugs
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